Ronit Shaked – Interior Designer

רונית שקד - עיצוב פנים

As the clothes we choose to wear tell our story and affirm our existence, the interior of our homes define our self-image.
Our home – our safe haven – is similar to our clothes. It’s the cloak in which we feel, walk and live in utmost comfort.
This is the platform on which I place the importance of interior design.

This is my framework for creating for each of my clients the right environment for him or her. This environment translates my clients’ inner world into a texture of happenings in time and place.
Each project is for me a new and exciting adventure in which I connect to needs, desires, and dreams in order to get the best possible product.

My professional approach includes obtaining deep knowledge of the project and the people behind it as well as giving personal support and guidance up to the very smallest detail.
Whether the project is a private home, an apartment, or a boutique office, I harness my abilities and knowledge for the project’s success and my client’s satisfaction.
Because your happiness is my success

Yours, Ronit.


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